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Use of Parametric Design - Automotive, Industrial and Architecture Design

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Each type of design industry – automotive, industrial, fashion, architecture, and more – utilizes patterns to create its final products. When these patterns are applied, final details allow the models to become unique with their own individual elements. Parametric design adds a new component to this process. Parametric design is the ability to model complicated geometric shapes and patterns using algorithmic thinking.

Except now, instead of creating the pattern click-by-click, a parametric design tool enables designers to create geometric patterns in a single second. This plug-in algorithm is a crucial design tool that simplifies the process. It has become bolder and more wildly used in all facets of design industries. When honing your design skillsets, this is one of the most essential skills to master.

Ye Eun (Yena) Kim created the architectural model shown below utilizing the most well-known parametric design tool, Rhino Grasshopper. The model shows the importance of having parametric design tools to ease the design process and also showcases key pattern modeling skills.

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