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Future Mobility : Lexus LF Mission

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

As future mobility is expected to rely heavily on shared transportation, an industry that can provide easy and comfortable rides to its passengers while minimizing the environmental impact will thrive. Thus, the Lexus LF Mission, an original design by Ye Eun (Yena) Kim, is a compact, sharing, electric mobility vehicle with integrated technology. It is designed to meet the requirements of future mobility and includes the following features.


LF Mission has gull-wing doors that provides easy in-and-out access in the busy city. It was first created from a simple ideation sketch model made from Z-Brush. A simple, minimalistic, and edgy surface not only shows the futuristic design but also the luxury characteristics of the Lexus brand. Trendy rectangular patterns were applied on both grill and wheel surfaces for additional detailing.


LF Mission will be a fully autonomous mobile that does not have a steering wheel. With this, passengers will have enough space to work and rest during the ride. A wide touchscreen panel can be used to communicate and address passenger needs through AI.

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