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Empathic Materials


The Dromsack weekend bag is a bag that is made with materials that help clean the environment. The bags are mainly made from recycled polyester. Chemically speaking, polyester is a compound made of polymers where several compounds bond together to form a strong compound. Thus, these bags are durable. Recycled polyesters are made from plastic bottles. They have several advantages, including reducing dumping in the environment, reducing blocking of the drainages, ugly sceneries due to littered plastics. However, there are also disadvantages, where these recycled polyesters become toxic to the environment. Due to these reasons, there exist several alternatives that will be discussed in this paper.

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These recycled can be made empathetic to the environment by reducing the toxicity of the polyesters, which can be done chemically by eliminating the toxic compounds making up the polyester; thus, they must pass through a manufacturing process. Besides, the other option can be using other materials other than recycled polyester. Recovering or recycling fibers can bring multiple environmental benefits, such as reducing the need for landfill, virgin resources and pollution. With this, it is a trend to use diverse recycled materials such as recycled pet, recycled cotton, recycled nylon or wool. Even though using recycled materials sound ideal, the material’s environmental impact on rather it is bio-degradable or toxic to the environment should also be considered.

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When having these options in mind, bio-active materials can be the best substitute of recycled polyester when producing a Dromsack weekend bag. Bio-based fibers that are derived from living organisms such as starches, sugarcane and raw agricultural feedstock can also be one of the materials that can replace polymers. Bio-based materials are all-natural renewables that absorb CO2 while crowing. Majority of them can be environmentally friendly by being biodegradable and compostable. Bio-factured material from bio-based fibers will be high-performance against conventional synthetics in strength and durability, which will be a perfect fit for Dromsack weekend bag material.

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Furthermore, other materials that could be used are bio-fabricated leathers. For example, Modern Meadow redefined leather through bio-fabrication. Such lab grown leather has similar characteristics and properties as conventional leather, but does not have a large environmental tolls. Furthermore, Dyneema bonded leather formed by composite fabric with thin skived high-grade leather is lighter and stronger than regular leather while it has the same looks and feels comparing to other leathers.

Lastly, another compound that can be used is PET-G, which is a compound that does not crystallize, which maintains the appearance of the product that is being made. Similarly, elimination of this crystallization ensures that the compound’s forming elements are not toxic since they are safe individually. Therefore, this company can opt for this product, even though it is expensive.

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