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Elegant Finish of Gold

(Alexander Straulino)

Due to COVID-19 global pandemic, concerns about hygiene and personal health has been the top priority amongst consumers in 2020. With this, sanitizing materials such as antimicrobial metal that can protect consumers from disease are being presented as a trend in wellness industries.

Anti-microbial metal is a kind of metal that has an ability of guarding bacteria that forms in people’s everyday lives. The report in the WGSN stated that anti-microbial metals fight against bacteria by releasing ions when exposed to moisture or sweat. Its ability of killing viruses gives significant potential of anti-viral material/textile defenses for the future.

(Doronmerav) (Samuel Amoia Associates) (Ana Albuquerque) (Stanford University)

Likewise, gold is a unique anti-microbial metal that has multiple exceptional qualities throughout history. It is one of the densest metals, but also the most malleable, soft and ductile out of the elements. Moreover, with its rich and opulent color shade, gold is a rare, precious metal that was been mainly used for accessories or exchanged currency in the past, but gold has been versatile in wide range of design industries from textiles, furniture, and even cosmetics nowadays.

Values: Elegant, Warm, Timeless, Glistening, Versatile

Pros Cons

+Does not rust +Expensive

+Valuable +Scratchable

+Dense +Bendable


+Allergy free

(Reem Acra) (Mining) (Panespol)

[Metallic Imprints]

Instead of using the material in its raw form, designers experiment to apply materials in different finishes to give object more unique characteristics. Panespol, a leading manufacturer of decorative panels, developed a gold polyurethane panel that is lightweight and hardwearing. A powdered glistening textured gold finish suggests a new design trend that is a complete opposite of beauty standards of shiny metal finish.

(Completed Works) (Vanderlei Lopes) (Celine)

[Liquid Reflection]

Metal is known for being malleable and shiny. Consumers are looking for soft, calm atmospheric materials. When combing those two requirements, there is no better fit than shiny gold finish in melted puddle form. Gold with shining smooth, clean finish will have a contemplative quality that will look sleek and elegant regardless of the materials that is being paired with.

[Rapid Prototyping Work]

Rapid Prototyping created with metallic textured background, weaved rope, recycled paper and gold accessories.

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